We have closed more than 450 transactions.
Our company began operations in 2003 in the city of Monterrey, from where we have expanded throughout the most active industrial markets in the central, northeast and northwest regions of Mexico. We have successfully increased the completion of investment projects from different nationalities each year, contributing to the economic development of local communities in Mexico. Our track record speaks for us.
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Closed Transactions!

Track Record

2003 – Citius Capital was founded in Monterrey, Mexico

2008 – San Luis Potosi Office Establishment

2011 – Queretaro and Guanajuato Office Establishment

2013 – Aguascalientes, Ciudad Juarez and McAllen, Texas Offices Establishment

2015 – Japan Desk representation

2017 – Europe Desk representation and CDMX Office Establishment

2018 – China Desk representation

2019 – Guadalajara Office Establishment